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Message from the Head

Hello, my name is K.M. George, and I am the head of the Department of Computer Science. It is a great honor and privilege to welcome you to our department. Our department strives to provide an inclusive and diverse environment that educates the future generation of computing professionals. Our faculty is committed to provide a great educational experience to our students and to conduct outstanding research. Whether you are a future student who is looking for information, an alumni looking to see how the department is doing, or a curious visitor, I encourage you to look through the pages. If you have any question, you are welcome to contact me.


The Computer Science Department has a three-pronged mission:
To pursue and to publicize research projects in computer science in order to extend the present state of knowledge in the computer field.
To educate students in all program levels in order to provide them with the knowledge, interest, and ethics to become productive members of the computing profession.
To serve as an initial and continuing source of education in the field of computer science.


The Computer Science facilities' computing and presenting capacity is embodied in a server room, iMac based Mobile Apps Laboratory, Seminar room, Conference room, Student Collaboration room, and Server supported Department Lounge. Collectively these areas provide across the board support for the activities of Students and Faculty. Coupling the capacity with the research, the department is an actively growing department advancing Computer Science.

50th Anniversary

On the weekend of September 20 & 21, 2019, current and past associates of the Department of Computer Science gathered to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Department.  Attendees came from points far-and-wide, including Great Britain (Lennie Norris) and Alaska (Rob Sherry), and from times spanning the present back to before the Department of CS was formed.
speaker presenting anniversary

Enrollment and Degrees GrantedMore Info

Undergraduate Enrollment

Fall 2021
Graduate Enrollment

Fall 2021

(MS): 92

(PhD): 25

Undergraduate Degrees Granted

Graduate Degrees Granted


(MS): 15

(PhD): 3


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