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Welcome to Chemistry!


  • I've been accepted, now what happens?

    First off, welcome to the Department of Chemistry! We are excited to have you! The hard part is over, you submitted your application and have been accepted into our program. Now all you have to do is follow a few simple instructions.

  • International Students

    For those of you coming here from another country, it is important you follow the guidance of the International Students and Scholars office. They will have an orientation for you, employment workshops, I-20 information, and other needful things to make your transition to OSU easier.  Visit them at: ISS Office

  • Chemistry Orientation Week

    The week prior to the new semester starting (either Fall or Spring), you will arrive on campus and start Chemistry orientation. GTA training is mandatory for all new graduate teaching assistants. You will also have the option to take exams to see if you can skip out of taking the Foundations courses required for all incoming students. During this week, you will also register for your classes. At the end of the week, you will particpate in your first State of the Department with our interim department chair, Associate Dean Andrew Doust, Ph.D. and Safety Training (which is mandatory for all Chemistry employees and students).

  • OKEY

    During your application process, you will obtain a CWID from OSU. After acceptance, you will receive an email from OSU-IT with instructions on how to set up your OKEY. You must do this or else you won't be able to access any of OSU's stuff, and you will want to get your OSU email set up because all correspondences from the University and department will be going there. 

  • Payroll and Background Checks

    After you finish orientation with ISS and do their employment workshop to get their work permit, during Chemistry Orientation week, you will be scheduled to do payroll. You will need to bring in several items. International students will need to bring their passport, Visa, all immigration paperwork, I-20 or I-94, and ISS work permit. You will need to apply for a Social Security number, and ISS may send you to Chemistry for a letter of employment.  Email if you need this letter.  For domestic students, payroll is the same as it is everywhere else. Bring in a photo ID (preferably license) that proves your identity, and SSN card. Email if you need to find out what else you can bring if you don't have a license or US Passport. 

  • I'm international. How can I get a mentor?

     Mentors are current graduate students typically from your country or similar culture. These mentors will be your first friends at OSU, and they will help you navigate your way through confusing American customs and the culture shock of being here. Mentors are usually given your contact information several weeks before your arrival. You can also find your own mentors through directory on our website - just scroll down to the graduate student emails: Directory

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