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Paul Devlin

Dr. J. Paul Devlin

Emeritus Professor

 Dr. Devlin quietly left us January 26, 2023. He will be greatly missed.




  • Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Kansas State University
  • Doctorate: University of Minnesota

Research Interests:

  • Physical Chemistry/ Chemical Physics
  • Infrared spectroscopy of hydrogen-bonded solids with emphasis on defect activity in ice and ice related systems with

    recent focus on clathrate hydrates and their instant formation via an all-vapor method

J. Paul Devlin is a professor (emeritus) of physical chemistry at Oklahoma State University. Though retired for 25 years, he continues a NSF-funded experimental program. He received a Ph.D. from Kansas State University (1960), followed by postdoctoral work at the University of Minnesota before joining the Oklahoma State University faculty. Early studies were with charge transfer organic systems, molten salts and the vapors over molten salts. These vapors were the basis for numerous matrix-isolation papers published throughout the 1970s that dealt with the stepwise solvation of ion pairs. Since the early 1980s his studies have focused on the nature of the surface of ice nanocrystals and the defect activity in ice and ice related systems with some emphasis on clathrate hydrates. He participated with unique all-vapor process.


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