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  • Teaching Experience

    Students are required to take at least 12 credit hours, or four courses, during their first two semesters at OSU.  For those who either did not pass, or opted not to take the placement exams, these are usually Foundation courses and core Chemistry courses.  In addition, all first year graduate students are required to enroll in one credit hour of CHEM 6010, the departmental seminar.

  • First Year Selection of a Research Advisor and Graduate Advisory Committee

    All graduate degrees in Chemistry require writing and defense of a M.S. thesis or a Ph.D. dissertation. During your first semester, you should discuss research opportunities with at least four members of the Chemistry faculty.  You may present some ideas as to the research area you wish to pursue, and the faculty will suggest problems of interest to them.  Since you will spend a great deal of time on the problem you choose for your thesis/dissertation (your entire career may be influenced by that choice), you should consider the various possibilities of both the advisor and the research problem very carefully.


    If you start with no deficiencies and are making good progress in courses, you could start research work in the second semester of residence.  Thus, you should select an advisor by the beginning of your second semester. At the time you and a faculty member decide to work together, the agreement must be recorded on a short form that can be obtained from, and returned to the department chair in PS 107.

  • First and Subsequent Summers

    To maintain full time enrollment, a minimum of six credit hours should be taken every summer semester. Typically, M.S. and Ph.D. students take six credit hours of research. Ph.D. students should take six credits of CHEM 5000 (M.S. research) before taking any CHEM 6000 (Ph.D. research).

  • Second Year and Beyond

    Before you enroll for the 17th credit hour of graduate level coursework, you must complete your plan of study.  Consulting with your advisor, select a graduate advisory committee who will help you in composing a suitable plan of study and monitor your progress to the completion of your graduate degree.  Two copies of this plan must be filed: one in the office of the Graduate College, and one copy in the Chemistry office.  Major amendments to the plan of study must be approved by your graduate advisory committee and the dean of the Graduate College.

Students in the M.S. program

Students in the 90-hour Ph.D. program

Students in the Ph.D. program

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