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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What do I need to start with?
    • an application for admission through the Graduate College
    • a non-refundable application fee payable to the Graduate College
    • a copy of the original transcript from each college or university attended
    • a TOEFL or IELTS score if your native language is not English (contact the Graduate College with questions regarding English proficiency requirements)
    • correct and current email addresses for 3 references 
    • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Is a GRE required?

    You do not need a GRE to apply for our program. Sending one in doesn't affect your application.

  • Do you accept DuoLingo?

    No, we do not accept DuoLingo. You must submit official IELTS or TOEFL scores if your native language is not English.

  • How long before I hear back?

    Typically within 6-8 weeks of the current deadline. We get hundreds of applications and want to spend the same quality time reviewing each one. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this process. Sometimes it can take a couple of months, but be assured, we will review your application and give it full consideration. If you have not had a response by 12 weeks, please email us to check for your application. Sometimes missing items will cause an application to be removed from our review bin. 

  • Are the applications on a rolling basis?
    Most of our applications are for the Fall semester, and you must adhere to the posted deadline if you want to be considered. 
  • Do I send you my application materials?

    All materials must be uploaded through the Graduate College portal. The chemistry program can only view completed packets from the Graduate College. Sending us your materials will only delay the process. We cannot upload your materials, you must upload them yourself through the portal. 

  • Do international students have a different deadline?

    International students should adhere to the posted deadline, as travel, visas, and other complications can arise. The deadlines are set so international students can apply in a timely manner. Domestic students, or international students already located in the United States, will be considered on a case by case basis after the posted deadline.

  • Should I contact a member of faculty before I apply?

    No need! You do not need permission from faculty to apply to our program. And the best part is, if accepted, you can spend your first semester meeting all the faculty and deciding on who you want to advise you on your academic journey.

  • Can I have an assistantship?

    Most of our graduate students have assistantships. Make sure to check the correct box in the application so we know you are wanting financial support.

  • How do I defer to a different semester?
    Please defer through the online portal with the Graduate College. If you have problems, please email The Chemistry Department cannot make changes to your application. 
  • I applied for the wrong semester, what do I do?
    Please change the semester through the online portal with the Graduate College. If you have problems, please email The Chemistry Department cannot make changes to your application. 
  • I submitted my application, but want to add another document. How do I do that?
    Upload all documents through the Graduate College portal. If you need assistance, please email The Chemistry department cannot upload documents or make changes to your application. 
  • Can I call the Chemistry Office to ask about my application?
    Please email instead. Office staff will not have the information you are seeking. 

Fee WaiversDeadline - February 1, 2024

Must have a completed application for Fall 2024 by February 1, 2024. Top applicants will be chosen by the Committee for a fee waiver. Those not chosen for a fee waiver will be notified by email by February 10, 2024. Funds are limited, so get your application in now to be considered for a fee waiver!

Graduate ApplicationFor admission at Oklahoma State University

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CHEMCowboy! Complete this application to be considered for graduate admission at OSU.

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