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Student Announcements

Find out the latest news that impacts you as a student! 


Oklahoma State University Motion Design Student Reel

A small sampling of 10+ years of Motion Design work done by students in Oklahoma State University's Graphic Design Program.


Nathan Barker, Honors Student, presents a short video

I am Nathan Baker, a computer science student who graduated this December. Even though my art photography courses may not have counted toward my CS degree, they were incredibly valuable to me as a way to challenge my creativity and be around inspiring artists. In Andy Mattern’s Photography Studio class, I had the opportunity to illustrate the ways in which computer algorithms overlap with the medium of photography, especially surrounding computer vision and data representation. As an additional Honors component, I created a video to explain the concepts behind my work and highlight the processes I used. I enjoyed putting it together and I greatly appreciate the Art Department’s hospitality towards a math-oriented person like me.


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