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Biennial Faculty Exhibition


Biennial Faculty Exhibition 

August 24 - September 16 

Opening Reception, Wednesday, August 24


Mary Claire Becker, Benjamin Murphy, Andy Mattern & Martin Venezky, Justen Renyer, Molly Kaderka, Kate Kinder, Ting Wang-Hedges, Chris Whittey, Liz Roth, Dean Bloodgood, Nick Mendoza, Marika Christofides, Robin Baker, Jennifer Borland, Chris Ramsay, Brandon Reese, Jessica Teckemeyer


The Gardiner Gallery of Art is pleased to present the 2022 Biennial Faculty Exhibition, the inaugural exhibition of the 2022-2023 academic year.


Look closely and you will see some exciting relationships taking shape in both medium and content. Nature seems to be at the forefront of many works on view, as seen in Dean Bloodgood’s painting Low Trail (2012) in which you can sense a late summer sun peeking through trees. Other works such as Robin Baker’s photograph Trash Print #1 – Padre Island National Seashore (2021) or Chris Ramsay’s Reliquary Series: Danaus plexippus (2021 – ongoing) speak to the fragility and disruption of our environment.


Water Carrier (2022) the fluid and marbled extra-terrestrial work by Molly Kaderka contrasts with Benjamin Murphy’s intaglio, Inertial Resistance in Red and Yellow (2022) in which we see through mark making, the evidence of resistance to change. The river-like movement of Baker’s Metatarsal Ballpeen (2022) in iron and wood seems to defy gravity while Liz Roth’s paintings, Cappadocia: 40 Degrees North (2022) and Utah: 40 Degrees North ground us in their rendering of rugged landscape.


Other works, such as Chris Whittey’s Study; for Annie A (2022) which make use of residue (shredded currency) and Mary Claire Becker’s Mosaic Virus IV (After Anna Ruysch) (2021) are imbued with a woven quality that is simultaneously artificial and organic.


Featuring the work of full time, adjunct, and Emeriti faculty, this exhibition offers students and gallery visitors an opportunity to view new directions in work and research by some of the region’s most dynamic artists and educators.

Exhibitions and programs at the Gardiner Gallery of Art are sponsored by OSU Student Fees, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Oklahoma Arts Council, and Donors to the Gallery.


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