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Japanese Minor

Name of Minor:
Brief description of subject:
Japan is a country full of innovative ideas, leading-edge technology and fascinating customs. By studying Japanese, you will develop proficiency in this unique language, and deepen your understanding of the cultural elements such as anime, video games, martial arts, or history. Japanese is also one of the most useful business languages. 
Brief description of minor:
The Japanese Minor will help students acquire proficiency in the language as well as understand the cultural and historical background of Japan and its people. Many students spend a semester or a year studying in Japan, and some have found internships and job opportunities in Japan afterwards.
Requirements for minor:
The Japanese Minor requires the completion of all lower-division (1000- and 2000- level) course work or its equivalent, followed by 6 hours of upper-division credit in courses. Students will need a GPA of 2.5 in Japanese with no grade below ā€œCā€ in all upper-division Japanese courses to receive the minor.
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 Mr. Anthony Valentine, Undergraduate Advisor
 213 Life Sciences East
 Tel. 405-744-5658
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