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German Minor

Name of Minor:

Brief description of the subject:
The German minor complements a wide variety of academic fields of study such as business management, engineering, art and the performing arts, literature, linguistics, journalism, cultural history, philosophy, geography and religion. Given the ever-increasing role of Germany as a world leader, the opportunities for graduates with the German minor are increasing accordingly. For information on the German program including career possibilities, go to

Brief description of the minor:
The coursework required for the German minor typically results in intermediate speaking, listening, writing and reading proficiencies, coupled with a cultural understanding and knowledge of the German-speaking peoples in Europe and elsewhere.

Requirements for minor:
Complete all lower-division course work (all 1000- and 2000-level classes) or its equivalent in German, followed by 6 hours of upper-division credit in courses taught in German. You will need a GPA of 2.5 in German with no grade below ā€œCā€ in all upper-division German courses to receive the minor.

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 Mr. Anthony Valentine, Undergraduate Advisor
 213 Life Sciences East
 Tel. 405-744-5658
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