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American Sign Language

Name of Minor:
American Sign Language
Brief Description of subject:
ASL is the language used to communicate with the deaf communities. According to the NIH, ASL is a complex language that uses signs by moving the hands in combination with facial expressions and postures. It is the primary language of many North Americans who are deaf.
Brief description of the minor:
The ASL Minor will help you to learn to communicate in ASL, develop ASL interpretation skills, learn about Deaf Culture in the community, and study ASL poetry and storytelling. Participate in the ASL club, and sign the national anthem on the field at OSU football games!
Requirements for minor:
To earn the ASL Minor, students must complete the 1000 and 2000 level courses as well as ASL 3503 (Linguistics of American Sign Language) and ASL 3603 (Ethics for Interpreters). ASL 3603 will prepare students to take the State of Oklahoma Quality Assurance Screening Test (QAST) for ASL interpretation.
Contact information for students seeking more information:
Mr. Anthony Valentine, Undergraduate Advisor
 213 Life Sciences East
 Tel. 405-744-5658
 To schedule an appointment:
or contact Sandie Busby at