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Cognitive Science Minor

Cognitive Science Minor
Cognitive Science is the study of the mind and intelligence, embracing multiple disciplines, including computer science and information sciences, psychology,  neurobiology, linguistics, philosophy, and communication.  The field has grown in importance over the last decade, as techniques for investigating human cognition via brain imaging have become widely used and as advances in computer science, information sciences, artificial intelligence and robotics have been made. 
With the heavy reliance on technology in most workplaces today, the cognitive science minor prepares students to be able to use technology effectively to solve everyday problems and to anticipate technical, social, psychological, and ethical obstacles when people use technology in a variety of contexts.  Students may pursue careers or additional training in human factors, ergonomics, computer science, and cognitive science.  Students who pursue the Cognitive Science Minor frequently major in Psychology, Computer Science, English, Philosophy, and other science or social science disciplines.
The Cognitive Science minor requires 27 hours from at least three disciplinary areas: CS 1103, 1113, 2133, 2433, 3363, 3443, 4173, 4343, 4793, 4883, ENGL 2243, 2443, 4003, 4013, 4043, 4063, 4080, 4083, 4093, MSIS 2103, 3303, 3243, 4013, 4113, 4133, 4223, 4243, 4253, 4263, 4523, PHIL 3003, 4003, 4313, 4543, 4733, 4983, PSYC 3073, 3513, 3713, 3823, 4223, 4343, 4990, SPCH 3733, 4753, 4793. No more than four courses with the same prefix. No grade below "C."
Contact information for students seeking more information:
Shelia Kennison, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
219 North Murray Hall
Oklahoma State University