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Psychology Minor

Psychology Minor

As a field of study, psychology involves the scientific examination of human behavior and thought processes. Psychology examines social interactions, human development, personality traits, the learning process, mental health, cognition, and the nervous system.

The Psychology minor at OSU helps students incorporate knowledge about human behavior and thought processes into any major or discipline from any of OSU’s colleges. For example, a business major can gain a greater understanding of consumer behavior. A pre-health student can gain insights into human behavior and social interactions that can enhance patient care. Architecture and engineering majors can obtain insight into how better to design structures and environments in sync with human needs. A minor in psychology is flexible enough to compliment a student’s chief interest from a wide range of possible subjects.

The psychology minor requires 24 hours including PSYC 1113 and 9 hours upper-or lower-division PSYC: plus 12 hours upper-division PSYC. No grade below a  “C.” (CPSY and EPSY courses not acceptable.) 

Contact Silvia Daggy (744-5543) or Kevin Seymore (744-4015) in 102 North Murray Hall.