College of Arts & Sciences

Religious Studies Minor

Name of Minor:  Religious Studies
Brief description of discipline or subject:
Religious Studies is a multidisciplinary field that examines the beliefs, values, institutions and behaviors of people by interpreting, explaining and comparing religious beliefs through objective, systematic, historically based, and cross-cultural perspectives.
Brief description of minor: 
In the diverse workplace and global economy of today, knowledge about other cultures and religious values is invaluable. Thoughtful individuals are in high demand. Succeeding in your career is not just about information—it’s about making connections with people. Studying religion is about people and their many perspectives. In jobs that require relating to others, building bridges, and valuing many perspectives, a religion minor is an asset to any major. 
Requirements for minor:
18 hours:  REL 1103 and REL 2013 or REL 2023; plus 12 upper division hours in religion or courses from related disciplines; three hours of upper division religion must be a non-Western course or PHIL 3943. Minor GPA of 2.50.
Contact information for students seeking more information:
Anthony Valentine, Undergraduate Advisor
A&S Student Academic Services
213 Life Sciences East
Oklahoma State University
(405) 744-5658
Program Homepage:
REL 1103 Introduction to World Religions (HI)
REL 2013 Hebrew Scriptures (H)
REL 2023 The New Testament and Its Study (H)
REL 3223 The Teachings of Jesus in Historical Context (H)
REL 3243 Paul and the Early Church (H)
REL 4033 American Christianity through the Colonial Period (H)
REL 4050 Studies in Religion
REL 4113* The World of Islam: Cultural Perspectives (HI)
REL 4213* Understanding Global Islam (HI)
REL 4223* Religions and Sects in the Middle East (HI)
REL 4330 Seminar in Biblical Studies
REL 4413 Classic Christian Writings
PHIL 3943* Asian Philosophy
* Indicates NW (non-Western dimension)