College of Arts & Sciences

Antrhopology Minor

Name of Minor:    Anthropology                                                        
Brief description of discipline or subject:  As the social sciences’ most diverse discipline, anthropology investigates the cultural, archaeological, linguistic and biological aspects of humanity to appreciate the commonalities and distinctive lifeways of past and present humans in large and small societies around the world.
Brief description of minor:  (what it prepares students to know or do and who should consider pursuing the minor):  A minor in anthropology allows students to explore of the discipline’s diverse subfields of cultural anthropology, linguistics, archaeology, and biological anthropology. Varied course offerings encourage students to tailor the minor to their individual interests and academic major. Add the minor to complement a degree in a non-social science field (e.g., science, engineering, math, etc.), or to enhance a major in another social science discipline (e.g., sociology, history, geography, etc.).
Requirements for minor:   18 hours. ANTH 2353, 3353, 3 hours any level ANTH and 9 hours upper-division ANTH. Minimum GPA of 2.5 with no grade below “C.”
Contact information for students seeking more information: Dahlia Gonzalez Molloy, 427 Murray, 405-744-6114.