College of Arts & Sciences

Sociology Minor

Name of Minor:   Sociology                                                            
Brief description of discipline or subject: Sociology is the systematic study of human society, including patterns of social interaction, power relationships, organizations and culture. The topics that sociologists examine encompass the world around us – families, schools, government, prisons, crime, environment, work, cities, neighborhoods and friendships. 
Brief description of minor:  (what it prepares students to know or do and who should consider pursuing the minor): The minor in Sociology allows students to explore a variety of topics based on academic interests.  Students in any major, especially those majoring in Psychology, History, Political Science, English, Geography as well as business and human development and family sciences often pair their majors with a minor in Sociology.
Requirements for minor:  18 hours. SOC 1113, 3113, 3 hours any level SOC and 9 hours of upper-division SOC. Minimum GPA of 2.5 with no grade below “C.”
Contact information for students seeking more information: Dahlia Gonzalez Molloy, 427 Murray, 405-744-6114.