College of Arts & Sciences

English Minor

English study provides students opportunities to understand English language and literature and to read texts critically both as works of art and as reflections of their literary, cultural, and social contexts.
The English minor at OSU helps students read competently, make balanced critical judgments, and write logically, coherently, and persuasively. Developing these skills is excellent preparation for a career in law, administration, business, or teaching.  Students minoring in English may focus on an individual program (Creative Writing, Literature, Rhetoric and Professional Writing, TESL/Linguistics, or Screen Studies) or take a variety of courses across these programs.
The English minor requires eighteen hours of English exclusive of First Year Composition. At least 9 hours must be upper-division. A minimum of 9 hours must be taken at OSU. GPA of 3.00 with no grade below “C.”
For more information, please contact the English Advisor:
Clarissa Bonner
209 Morrill Hall