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Mathematics Minor

Mathematics Minor
The Mathematics program offers students several options:  mathematics, applied mathematics, actuarial and financial mathematics, and secondary teacher certification.  Students develop analytical and problem-solving skills, application of concepts and techniques to new ideas, modeling of physical phenomena, 3D printing and computer skills.  The diverse and plentiful offerings allow students to plan their studies to cater to their areas of interest. 

A Mathematics minor is a logical supporting subject for majors in a wide variety of fields such as business, engineering, science, and computer science (  Engineering and computer science students often add a mathematics minor to their program.  The minor in Mathematics is very flexible and permits courses in a broad range of mathematical subjects.   

A minor in Mathematics requires a total of 22 hours.  Ten hours from MATH 2144, MATH 2153 and MATH 2163.  An additional twelve hours of Math for which Calculus II (MATH 2153) is a prerequisite, nine hours must be upper-division; three hours must be at the 4000-level.  MATH 3303 is not permitted.  No grade below “C.” 
For more information, please contact the Mathematics Advisor:  Cara Brun, 213 LSE, 405-744-5658, email: