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Statistics Minor

Statistics Minor
The Statistics program provides a foundation in mathematics, computing, and information management.  Students receive instruction to produce trustworthy data and to analyze results.  Students learn to identify data needed to address problems and to determine methods for collecting data.  Design surveys, experiments and opinion poll are studied.  Communicating the results of statistical analysis through technology and graphics are also addressed.  Statisticians work in the actuarial field or as researchers in fields pertaining to the environment, industry, government, the market, and manufacturing.

The Statistics minor can be useful for students in many diverse fields such as the social sciences, biological sciences, business, and education (  Many students find the Statistics minor to be a natural extension of their major field of study since the application of statistics is pervasive in many other disciplines.  A Statistics minor can broaden your opportunities of employment in your major. 

A minor in Statistics requires 23 hours of the following coursework:  STAT 4013, STAT 4023, STAT 4043, STAT 4091, STAT 4203 and MATH 2144, MATH 2153, MATH 2163.  A GPA of 2.5 with no grade below “C.”  If any of these courses are required for the student’s major, computer science courses (up to two) may be added as requirement. 

For more information, please contact the Statistics Advisor:  Cara Brun, 213 LSE, 405-744-5658, email: