College of Arts & Sciences

AMIS Minor

Name of Minor: American Indian Studies (AMIS)

Brief description of discipline or subject:
The goal of the American Indian Studies (AMIS) minor is to encourage students to expand their cultural knowledge and to gain an appreciation for American Indian cultures of Oklahoma, the region, and the nation.
Brief description of minor:
The overarching purpose of the minor is to offer an interdisciplinary program for Native American and non-Native American students who wish to concentrate in the study of American Indian law, culture, history, and language or who may be preparing for careers in tribal affairs or other related professional employment. The AMIS faculty represents a diverse group of scholars from twelve departments across campus. Consistent with other academic programs on campus, the American Indian Studies Program encourages curriculum development/expansion, student and faculty research, and collaboration with other programs interested in both historical and contemporary cultural issues of American Indian people.
Requirements for minor:
18 hours from at least three disciplines. 12 hours must be upper-division. AMIS 2013, 9 hours from: AMIS 4013, ART 4763, EEE 3713 (Native American Entrepreneurship), ENGL 3183, FLL 1000 (Mvskoke Language and Culture), GEOG 3243, HIST 3793. 6 additional hours from the list above or: ART 3733, GEOG 3703, GEOG 4103, HIST 4523, HIST 3763, MGMT 4213, EEE 3033, PSYC 4163, SOC 3133, SOC 3213. The following courses may be used with permission from the faculty coordinator: ENGL 3813, HIST 2323, HIST 4980, PSYC 4880, PSYC 4990. No grade below "C."
Contact information for students seeking more information:
John M. Chaney, Ph.D.
Regents Professor of Psychology
Director, American Indians Into Psychology
Director, Center for American Indian Studies
Oklahoma State University