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Physics Minor


As a field of study, Physics provides a solid foundation for the pursuit of a broad range of professional activities in science and engineering and prepares students to study the laws governing the natural world and develop the critical skills of observation and quantitative analysis for use in experiments and theory.

Students should consider a physics minor if they would like an exposure to science and technology or if they want to develop a critical and analytical approach to problem solving, an excellent preparation for careers in business, education, law, medicine or engineering.

The Physics Minor at OSU consists of 4 advanced courses and is intended for students who have chosen a different major, but who would like more than just the minimum exposure to physics. Physics minor students choose specifically the physics classes that most interests them or those classes that complement their engineering, physical science or other major. 
The Physics Minor requires 20 hours, including PHYS 2014, 2114, and 3713 plus 9 hours from upper-division PHYS. GPA of 2.0 required.
For more information, please contact the Physics Advisor:

Sheri M. Orr         
Sr. Academic Counselor
Biochemistry | Chemistry | Geology | Physics 
404 Noble Research Center
Oklahoma State University