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Gender and Women's Studies Minor


Name of Minor:  Gender and Women’s Studies                    
Brief description of discipline or subject:
Students and faculty in Gender and Women’s Studies explore and advance knowledge about gender as a central force in lived experience, society and culture. Our interdisciplinary research, teaching, and public programming explore a range of topics such as theories of gender; its intersections with race, class, sexuality, and nationality; cross-cultural and transnational issues; men and masculinities; women’s histories; feminisms; and advocacy and activism. Gender and Women’s Studies is an inter/national field of study committed to making curricula relevant to real-world, lived experience, rendering visible the perspectives of historically-disenfranched people in diverse contexts, and seeking avenues to achieve a more equitable world.  
Brief description of minor:  (what it prepares students to know or do and who should consider pursuing the minor)
Students will gain understanding of gender, race, sexuality, culture, social class and other key areas of cultural and social positioning; insight into the connections among different forms of experience and oppression; a foundation for analyzing inequities and initiating change; expertise in finding and using information on contemporary social issues; and critical thinking, research, analysis, oral/written communication, and presentation skills. A minor in GWST can be the perfect complement to any major, whether in social sciences or the humanities, healthcare, non-profit work, human resources, business, public service, art or international relations.
Requirements for minor:  see
A total of 21 hours is required for the Gender and Women’s Studies (GWST) minor. Two GWST courses are required: Either GWST 2113 (Introduction to Gender & Women's Studies) or GWST 2123 (Transnational Women's Studies) and GWST 4113 (Feminist Theories) or another theoretically-grounded gender course approved by the program.
Additional requirements for GWST minor include nine hours from classes focusing on gender and women, and six hours from classes that complement gender and women's studies. A list of possible courses is available here: Faculty and courses from twelve departments across the university contribute to this interdisciplinary minor program.
Contact information for students seeking more information:
Lucy E. Bailey
Director of Gender and Women’s Studies
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