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Africana Studies Minor


Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study focused on the examination of the cultural, political, social, economic, and historical experiences of peoples of African descent around the world.

Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary minor for students who would like to explore the Diaspora of Africa. This minor enhances the development of a multicultural academic orientation for students. Courses from Anthropology, Business, English, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology are included in the curriculum. A minor in Africana Studies prepares the student for graduate or professional school or careers in business, education, management, law and government, among others.

The Africana Studies Minor requires a minimum of 18 semester hours of African and African American related coursework. This includes 9 hours from AFAM 1113 (Introduction to Africana Studies), ENGL 3193, GEOG 3763, HIST 3133, HIST 4153, HIST 4163, HIST 4173, PSYC 3120 (Black Psychology), and 9 hours from ANTH 3353, GWST 3613, HIST 3503, POLS 3953, POLS 3973, PSYC 4133, PSYC 4163, SOC 3133 SOC 4383, MGMT 4213.

GPA of 2.5 with no grade below "C."


For more information please contact the Director of Africana Studies:

            Dr. LaRicka R. Wingate

            103 Life Sciences East (LSE)     

            (405) 744-7692



Location: 103 LSE

Phone: 405-744-7692

Twitter: @AfricanaOkstate