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OSU Researcher Elected Chair of International Commission

Oklahoma State University Professor of Physics Dr. Aihua Xie has been elected to serve as chair of the Biological Physics Commission of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). 

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Physicist Searches for Billion Year Old Particles

A researcher from Oklahoma State University is part of a team working at one of the world’s most famous laboratories to discover subatomic particles that haven’t existed for billions of years. 

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OSU Grads Ensuring Safety for Orion Crew

Two former Oklahoma State University graduate students played integral roles in last week’s Orion spacecraft flight test to ensure the safety of the crew. Razvan Gaza worked on the design of the Orion capsule while Ramona Gaza will be analyzing data from the test for NASA’s Space Radiation Analysis Group. An OSU flag was on board for Orion’s maiden voyage. 

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