Degree requirements:

BA in Spanish
Option: Spanish Pre-Law

Minor in Spanish

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Studying a language provides one with the ability to interact more successfully with a wider range of people while gaining a competitive edge in the job market. Foreign language majors gain a better understanding of their native language and can expect to find opportunities in varied fields. Courses to expect for this major include Elementary Spanish, Intermediate Composition and Grammar, and Intro to Hispanic Literature Studies.

Career Options

As the world moves closer to global economy, graduates with foreign language skills can be a valuable link in the communications chain. Our graduates have pursued successful careers in a variety of fields.

  • Graduate School
  • Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • Military Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Translation
  • Public Service
  • Linguistics
  • Public Assistance Interviewer
  • International Communications Specialist
  • Travel Agent
  • Missionary
  • Hospitality Industry
  • U.S. Customs Agent


A Spanish minor is designed to develop an advanced level of proficiency in the four basic language skills of listening, reading, writing, speaking and introduce students to aspects of the literature and culture of Spain and Latin America.

For minor requirements, please visit the Office of Registrar.


Scholarships are available for prospective freshmen, transfer students, current students and continuing students through the University, College of Arts and Sciences and respective Departments.

When students complete the OSU admission application, they are automatically considered for the University Level scholarships.

Students are eligible for College Level scholarships within the College of Arts and Sciences after completing 12 hours at OSU. Some exceptions may apply. See specific scholarships for criteria.

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures offers Departmental Level scholarships for eligible students.

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