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Strategic Communications - Bachelor of Arts | Bachelor of Science

The Strategic Communication degree (accredited by AEJMC) teaches students to research, develop and communicate
effective written/electronic/graphic messages for target audiences. Advertising and public relations converge to prepare
students to be leaders in the various fields of communications including but not limited to: advertising agencies, public relations
firms, corporate communications and non-profit organizations.
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My degree helped prepare me for my position through teaching me the basics and fundamentals, but more importantly the discipline to meet deadlines and work together with other people.  - Lindsey Fitz

Lindsey Fitz - State Magazine

 Four Year Plan

The Four Year Plan will give you an idea of what your coursework might look like over the four years.
Strategic Communications (BA)   
Strategic Communications (BS)  

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BA in Strategic Communications  
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One of our greatest assets is our faculty who are nationally recognized and widely published.  If you would like to know a little bit about
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Media and Strategic Communications  Department               206 Paul Miller Building
Phone:                                                                                          405.744.6354