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Physiology - Bachelor of Science

The Department of Integrative Biology strives for excellence in basic and applied research and instruction in the broad,
comprehensive field of integrative biology. Our vision is to build on our strong international reputation with foci in Ecology, Evolutionary
Biology, and Environmental Stress. The department currently has 21 regular faculty members, numerous active adjuncts and emeritus
members, 640 undergraduates in the biology, zoology, and physiology majors, and over 60 graduate students.  To learn more, click this
link to the Department of Integrative Biology web site.

 Career Opportunities

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 Student Testimonials

    Hannah Kadavy


I chose physiology as my major because it incorporated all my medical school prerequisites and focused on the human system, while also allowing me to take electives I found interesting, such as pharmacology and behavioral neuroendocrinology.            Hannah Kadavy

 Four Year Plan

The Physiology Four Year Plan will give you an idea of what your coursework might look like over the four years.

 Degree Sheet

BS in Physiology
BS in Physiology - Pre-Medical Sciences

  Fact Sheet

The Fact Sheet will highlight some important information about the Integrative Biology Department.

 Meet our Faculty

One of our greatest assets are our faculty who are nationally recognized and widely published.  If you would like to know a little bit about
each, visit our Faculty Bio Page.

Contact Information:
Integrative Biology Department       501 Life Sciences West
Phone:                                                  405.744.5555