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Statistics - Bachelor of Science | Minor

Statisticians work on the collection, analysis, interpretation of data, and decision making and work collaboratively with
people from a broad range of disciplines.  Students complete a core set of statistics, mathematics and computer courses and
then personalize the degree requirements by studying statistical applications in an outside field of study. Often completing a
second major or a minor.
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 Career Opportunities

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 Student Testimonials

 Victor Ndiritu 

I chose Statistics as my major because of the flexibility and applicability that it afforded me. With statistics I can become an expert in anything needing any type of mathematical analysis.  -  Victor Ndiritu

 Four Year Plan

The Statistics Four Year Plan will give you an idea of what your coursework might look like over the four years.

 Degree Sheet

BS in Statistics

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Find out more about earning a Minor in Statstics by reviewing our Minor Requirements sheet.  

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