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Physics - Bachelor of Science - Applied Physics

ƒƒThe Applied Physics Option is designed for students who want to major in Physics but wish to combine physics with studies
in other areas such as geology, chemistry, engineering, business, or the biological sciences, perhaps in preparation for postgraduate 
study in those areas. To learn more, click this link to theDepartment of Physics  web site.

 Career Opportunities

Explore career possibilities with our Career Guide.

 Four Year Plan

The Applied Physics Four Year Plan will give you an idea of what your coursework might look like over the four years.

 Degree Sheet

BS in Physics - Applied Physics

  Fact Sheet

The Fact Sheet will highlight some important information about the Physics Department.

 Meet our Faculty

One of our greatest assets is our faculty who are nationally recognized and widely published.  If you would like to know a little bit about
each, visit our Faculty Bio Page.  

Contact Information:
Physics Department          145 Physical Sciences Building
Phone:                                 405.744.5796