College of Arts & Sciences

Computer Science Minor


The Computer Science program provides the background, knowledge and skills to design and implement software systems or computer programs.  Students receive instruction using languages such as JAVA, UNIX, C and C++.  Student develop skills in building and using database systems and other software tools.  Courses offer instruction in software development that includes aspects of web development, interface design, security issues, and mobile computing.  Big data management and application of computer technology are also addressed.

A Computer Science minor can benefit a wide variety of majors since so many fields of study rely on this technology (  Computing skills can be combined with other interest areas such as business, natural or social sciences, math, or statistics, and engineering students often add a Computer Science minor to their program.  Students interested in research and graduate work can gain important skills.  Computer science electives give students the opportunity to focus on areas of interest such as mobile app development, video game design, robotics, or cyber security.

The computer science minor requires 21 hours.  Nine hours are from CS 1113, CS 2133, and CS 3443 (or ENSC 3213 or ECEN 3213).  Twelve additional hours are from CS courses (except CS 1003 and CS 1013).  One course must be 4000 level and no grades below a ā€œCā€.  No more than two courses can be transferred from another college or university.  

For more information, please contact the Computer Science Advisor:  Cara Brun, 213 LSE, 405-744-5658, email: